Program bias: General Coniditioning/Boxing

Program duration: Approx. 1hour

Program frequency: Can be done 3-4 x p/week

Program Level of Intensity: The harder you work the harder it becomes! Punch harder, punch faster, put more effort into each movement and you will notice everything becomes harder. It is up to you to push yourself to the level you want to take out of this workout.

*Always warm up, cool down and stretch with every program. It is assumed you will be warm starting this program and will undertaking a relevant cool down and stretch post workout to assist recovery.

**This program can be done as a group session or individual session. If you have more people you can double up the exercises so working in pairs or add a few more exercises to the mix. Can also add ab work or push up/leg combo work in between exercises for variety and to push this program to the next level.

Rest times: 30 – 45sec rest between exercises. Rest maximum 2 minutes between sets.

Boxing superset circuit

1. Boxing Bag

2. Speed ball

3. Skipping

4. Push ups

5. Floor to ceiling

6. Squat Jumps

7. Focus Pad work – 20 punchs then up/down

*Do each exercise for 3 mins one after another, then 2 mins, then 1.