Program bias: Golf (Program 1). This program is a base golf program. We recommend following this program for 8-10 weeks before contacting us (unless you have specific questions) to get the next level program.

– Gym Based Program

Program duration: Approx. 1.15hour

Program frequency: Can be done up to 4x p/week

Program Level of Intensity: The harder you work the harder it becomes! It is up to you to push yourself to the level you want to take out of this workout. Use heavier weights if needed but aim to maintain some speed in all movements.

*Always warm up, cool down and stretch with every program. It is assumed you will be warm starting this program and will undertaking a relevant cool down and stretch post workout to assist recovery.

Rest times: 1 minute between exercises. 1-2 minutes between sets.

Grinder – 3 x 1min, 3 x 30sex, 3 x 15sec. (focus on increasing intensity as duration decreases)

Bench Press – 3×10

Lat Pull Down – 3×10

Supine Tricep Extension – 3×10

Medicine Ball Twist Throws (Standing side on to wall – each side) – 3×10

Upright Row – 3×10

Long Arm Cable Depression (each side) – 3×10

Long Arm Cable Elevation (each side) – 3×10