Program bias: Pilates/Core

– Floor Based Program (Can be done anywhere as long as you have a mat)

Program duration: Approx. 1 hour

Program frequency: Can be done everyday

Program Level of Intensity: This program is conducting under the understanding that the indivdual undertaking the prgroam has an understanding of pelvic floor activation, lateral breathing and core activation. Correct posture and technique is extremley important and must be perfect in every exercise and every repetition to help avoid injury.

*Always warm up, cool down and stretch with every program. It is assumed you will be warm starting this program and will undertaking a relevant cool down and stretch post workout to assist recovery.

Rest times: Minimal rest times between exercises. Transitions should be smooth and rest time should be undertaken when necassary.


1. Pelvic Floor activation/awareness (2-3min)

2. Lateral breathing (1-2min)

3. Roll Downs (6)


4. Heel Taps (12)

5. Chest Lifts (12)

6. Hundreds (1)

7. Single Leg Strech (12)

8. Single Leg Straight Leg Strech (12)

9. Single Leg Circles (10 each leg each way)

10. Leg Circles (8 each way)

11. Spinal Rotation Stretch (2)

12. Roll Ups (5)

13. The Saw (10)

14. Open Leg Rocker (6)

Side Lying (to be done on both sides)

15. Single Leg Raises (10)

16. Double Leg Raises (10)

17. Side Taps (10)

18. Clams (10)


19. Swimming (20)

20. Childs Pose (1)

21. Pointer (8)

22. Advanced Plank with Leg Lifts (8)

23. Push Up (4)

24. Double Leg Kick (4)

25. Childs Pose (1)


26. Roll Downs (3)