Program bias: Sprinting (200m – 400m events focus)

– Track Program

Program duration: Approx. 45 minutes

Program frequency: Can be done up to 4 x p/week

Program Level of Intensity: You must train at the intensity at which you wish to perform. As this is a sprints program 100% effort is required in every set. Timing each set is recommended. The harder you work the harder it becomes! It is up to you to push yourself to the level you want to take out of this workout.

*Always warm up, cool down and stretch with every program. It is assumed you will be warm starting this program and will undertaking a relevant cool down and stretch post workout to assist recovery.

**Although this program revolves around track it is important to remember a combination of track work with plyometrics, weights and flexibility/core work will lead to the greatest results. For further details in respect to these types of training please contact me.

400m x 4 – 4 minutes rest b/w sets

300m x 2 – 3 minutes rest b/w sets

200m x 4 – 2 minutes rest b/w sets

100m x 2 – 1 minute rest b/w sets