Written by Jason this book was designed to help each individual make healthier choices when preparing meals and giving them the knowledge as to what it is they are eating.

Designed as a two way guide, the 4th section provides a detailed description of each macro and micronutrient and the predominant food sources that contain them. Section 5 lists around one hundred and forty fruits and vegetables; detailing their nutritional breakdown including energy, fat, dietary fibre, protein and macro and micro nutrient compositions. Sections 1, 2, and 3 go through and answer many common myths and questions in respect to nutrition issues and detail some interesting facts and figures about general health and diet.

This book is an essential guide for individuals suffering from any form of deficiency, those who find it hard to consume regular meals or anyone who has an interest in what it is they, or those they love, are eating.

As the only book of its kind and with no other book available (on the internet or hard copy) providing the same detail in such an easy to read and access manner this book is essential for everyone.

I believe the information in this book to be so valuable and something every household in the world should have which is why my book is so affordable. Not just another cook book or diet plan, Nutrition Bible is infact a detailed reference guide filled with information that everyone wants and needs to know but do not have. With no other book like it I personally guarantee Nutrition Bible is a must have, will not regret book that is cheap, easy to read and understand and filled with referenced nutritional information to help you understand what you are eating and where to get the vitamins and minerals your body requires.






Using the Nutrition Bible to help ensure you are maintaining a well balanced and nutritious diet will make you feel healthier and more in control of your food lifestyle.

Please note: Due to this being an electronic download or PDF file  we are unable to offer a money back guarantee and therefore no refund. However we have done everything we can to help you understand the book BEFORE purchase. We have picture samples of each of the 5 sections detailed throughout the book below as well as detailed descriptions of their content.
If you have any further questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us via this website. We are sure you will love the product and are confident you will get alot of use from Nutrition Bible. That is our personal guarantee to you.

Price: $9.95

Section 1 - Preface: This is a single page section detailing some general information about the book as well as some important notes.


Section 2 - Common Myths – Goes through some common talking points in respect to nutrition and health. There are 7 common questions that are discussed in this section.


Section 3 - Facts and Figures – This section lists 37 different points of general nutrition information that many people discuss and talk about. 


Section 4 - Nutrient Breakdown – Provides a detailed description of each macro and micronutrient and the predominant food sources that contain them. Details each nutrients function, deficiency signs as well as individual fruit and vegetable sources that contain them at a higher degree.


Section 5 – A-Z Index of Fruits and Vegetables - Lists over 140 fruits and vegetables; detailing their nutritional breakdown including energy, CHO, dietary fibre, fat (broken down into saturated, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated) and protein. Also detailed are the higher sources of macro and micro nutrients that can be found in these products at a value greater than 8% RDI.


  • Professional athletes requiring a nutritionally balanced diet.
  • Parents looking to provide a healthy meal for their families.
  • Business men and women this book may act as a guide to plan what ingredients can be mixed as a quick meal while still providing a well balanced diet.
  • Senior Citizens who may benefit from a well balanced food plan.
  • Common myths answered and explained in detail.
  • Breakdown of each Macro and Micro nutrient depicting their function, deficiency signs and symptoms and a detailed account of each fruit and vegetable that contains the particular nutrient to a level greater than 8% recommended daily intake
  • Detailed breakdown of approximately 140 fruits and vegetables including their energy, carbohydrate, protein, fat, dietary fibre and vitamin and mineral content.
  • Individual portion amounts – breaking down each fruit and vegetable into 100 gram quantity amounts and also depicting their individual source general weight for realistic application to every day life.


Additionally to his book Jason developed his Nutrition Bible poster, extracting the information from Nutrition Bible and placing it in an easy to read poster format.

All macro and micro nutrients are detailed across the top and bottom of the page and fruits and vegetables down the sides. A tick is placed at the correlating point of the two. For example all fruits and vegetables that contain carbohydrates (CHO) would have a tick next to them under the CHO list.

The poster is a great tool and quick reference guide able to be placed up around the home, in schools, private practices and in any social or public areas.

We recommend using the poster online for clearest viewing. However if you are wanting to print the recommended print size for the Nutrition Bible Poster is A1.